Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II Anime (OST) Official Soundtrack List

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II Anime (OST) Soundtrack List: CD1 01    The Fairy Kingdom, Dancing with You 02    Hand Outstretch...

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II Anime (OST)
Soundtrack List:

01    The Fairy Kingdom, Dancing with You
02    Hand Outstretched, Inviting to the Ring
03    Scorching Territory
04    Even if It is Dark Ahead
05    Even if There Are Obstacles
06    Uncoolness is Human Appeal
07    I Will Not Forget
08    In the Midst of Lively Days
09    A Farewell Someday is Still in the Future
10    If You Think That is Alright
11    Forced Reversal
12    Taking the Hand, Leaving the Ring
13    Hiding Determination
14    The Dispatch is in the Castle
15    The Chime Calls out to My Heart
16    A Cheap Spirit is a High Score
17    ’Tis the Footsteps of Impending Fate
18    Telling Her
19    Then if You Think That is Unpleasant
20    Behavior Like the Morn
21    The Waiting Heart Wishes for Daybreak
22    If We Are Together in Happiness and Pain
23    Jud.

01    The Invincible Wind Blows
02    Facing off with Courage
03    The Howl is the Silver of the Moon
04    The Gale is the Blackness of the Shadow
05    Save you from anything
06    White Flowers That Bloom in Happiness
07    Reach, My Will
08    Discovering Strength
09    Everything is Not Futile
10    At the End of Scorching Resolution
11    Diving in Without Hesitation
12    Where Happiness Blooms
13    ZONE//ALONE (TV Size)
14    No One Wishes for Sadness (TV Size)
15    Song of the Sky (TV Size)
16    Song of Passage – Instrumental Version
17    The Road to Emotions – Instrumental Version
18    Song of Passage – Dance Instrumental Version
19    Song of Passage – Whispered Version
20    Song of Passage – Piano Solo Version
21    High Speed on the Rooftops – Instrumental Version
22    If You Can Fly, You’ve Got Wings – Instrumental Version
23    It’s Now That I Remember – Light Arrange Version
24    To Above the Horizon – Light Arrange Version
25    On the Path to Regret – Light Arrange Version
26    The Road to Emotions – Light Arrange Version


Anime Soundtrack List (OST) 8166967608702581567

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