No Love Lost, No Love Found

Have you ever been in-love, or shall I say have you ever been loved? (I differentiate the two because in-love is more deep that love has to ...

Have you ever been in-love, or shall I say have you ever been loved? (I differentiate the two because in-love is more deep that love has to offer.)

When you just need somebody to comfort and to lighten you up in such problematic situation. You are not that ready to be loved, you only need someone to comfort you. Hear things that you want to lighten up but not to be love. Yes, we, people, like to misunderstand the meaning of love. We will say all the things that we love about our counterparts, but could you think that these things are the same what your counterpart love about you.

Love is all but similarities or shall I say mutual because of such words as mutual understanding. Yes, you love somebody because you two have the similarities (hey, I'm not talking about physically similar, I'm talking about often similar to the things you both do and stuff). And as we should all know, that love will never last. Because that kind of love will never be the same if you take the next step towards your relationship would become. Because love is blah..blah..blah.. Love can blah..blah..blah.. Love should blah..blah..blah.. *blah.. are words you could get out of your mind just to define what love is.

And this is the next step (just kidding.) You just saw in the first paragraph that in love has more to offer than love. In love means that you are in-love, means that your love is deep (Abyss, just like that). In exaggerated version, you are obsessed, passionate and possessive. But none of these can express how much love you have, and surely none of those *blah..blah words can express it.

Only unconditional love could be synonymous to that in love word. Because in love unlike love, you love somebody not by similarities, you love somebody for who they are. In love will go a long way unlike love. In love can take your relationship of what you want it to become. Because in love has a living faith.

No love lost, no love found means that you can't lose your love (effort) if someone you love (the one you love by similarities) leaves you (you shouldn't think it is a lost for you). You will only lose your love if you take the person you truly love for granted. Then later find out that no love remains to the person you've had taken granted for.

They say that you can't lose love if you hadn't find it in the first place but could you realize that your efforts are not that worthy just by loving someone else. I'm not saying that you should be in love at all times just to be worthy. It's better to be in love to the one you truly love than to love everything the world can offer you. Have a great day and God Bless!


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