Somewhere Along in the Bitterness

Ever been the other guy or having a relationship distracted by a third party affair? When all the luck goes to your relationship, spendi...

Ever been the other guy or having a relationship distracted by a third party affair?

When all the luck goes to your relationship, spending time just to build a good foundation to your relationship then suddenly seduced by a third party. Trying to make things work just to eliminate the distraction, like bringing back what it takes to make you love one another all over again. But, the inevitable comes, when she gave in and have decided to cut the ties connecting you to her just to be with the other guy. Yes, you will question her and yourself of what went wrong.

You will ask her that what else the other guy have that I don't have. There's no way you can bring back that relationship, the only thing you now have is the insecurity. The bad thing is, your life is affected of that relationship and having that insecurity all your life can make it even worst (better consult psychologist). Eliminating insecurity to your life is not by bringing back that relationship but to have a relationship that don't matter physically (I'm not the acting psychologist here, sorry).

Anyway, you've realized that girl is not the one for you or the relationship can't go any longer. Yes, we all looking forward to have a relationship that will last (but don't expect that every relationship you do have will last, just time will tell).

We hate those third parties in our relationship (but hey, if you, the one who are reading this is the other guy of another relationships, could you think of it?). Well, all I can say is, that's a test that you must pass if you want your relationship lasts. Every relationship will go through this tough situation but if you have that good foundation in your relationship, you just can withstand all of this. Yes, we have eyes to appreciate the good things around us but if you want to ruin your relationship, go on, and you will realize that you don't even deserve any love from your partner anymore. (How much it hurts by the way.)

Somewhere along in the bitterness you will find that your cheating boyfriend is not even deserve any love you gave him. In the bitterness, you will taste the sweet, sweet by knowing that they will not find anyone like you. Continue your life to this great day, God Bless!


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