She Loved Me at My Worst, You Had Me at My Best

Have you ever felt that your girlfriend right now is the only one you need to live the life full of love and yet she chose to break your hea...

Have you ever felt that your girlfriend right now is the only one you need to live the life full of love and yet she chose to break your heart? That she prioritize her own single life without you rather than the relationship you both have? That she became selfish enough to not say what was the problem before and now she is just happy to live her own life with another man.

Maybe the problem is that she is not that ready where you want the relationship to be in. And now after she said the words that can make the relationship felt that you two have just wasted the time you've invested with each other, you will find another person that you really want at first, the type of girl that clicks on the personality you do have, and you just feel that you have no restrictions with her by not adjusting to another personality you don't really possess.

Yes, we feel that we are crook at times the we let our girlfriends get what they want when we all know at ourselves that we don't want to. And now, to the girl that loved you at your worst, don't want to do that when you already said that about your previous relationship, yes and she will only understand and not by acting like a crook for herself but she just loves you the way you really into the relationship you will both have.

She loved me at my worst, you had me at my best. You said to your previous girlfriend when she wants to go back in to your life where she felt what love is. When she just realize what it would be with or without you, and being without you is the worst thing that happened in her life and add to the fact that she was looking over you the whole time when you are with the girl that made you feel loved even at your worst.

And she always thinking that being with you is the only one matters for her and even at the eve of breaking each other's heart, she wanted to go and live her life on her own, but her heart just can't. And now she is begging to know if she still ever matters to you and really wanted to hear the words that she is still the one.

Everyone deserves a second chance but it always depend on you whether you give the chance or not, or rather to whom you will give that second chance. Life is a choice, full of chances and every choices we make we lose a chance to know what is the another choice would be like?

When you feel that you are not comfortable to the choice that you make, you feel that you have to beg for the another choice, for the another chance to make everything alright. God Bless!


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