When You Find Yourself, Please Come Back to Me

Have you ever had to let go of someone you love so much? Even if that someone is the only one who matters most in your life right now? That ...

Have you ever had to let go of someone you love so much? Even if that someone is the only one who matters most in your life right now? That she is the only thing that keeps you going and make your everyday life complete?

And you just thought of what it would be like if you ever let go of her, in the uncertainty, where you know that she is not comfortable and secured enough because you know you just ain't there, you couldn't be there because she needs freedom, the time and space that she want to have before you go to the next level in your relationship.

And now, she just confess that she will have to find herself, find out of who she is with or without you and what it would be like or if it does matter if she is with you or not?

When you find you, please come back to me you said to your girlfriend that you want to be your wife. They say If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours.

If they don't, they never were.
Yes, if you love somebody and thought that they have to go, let them go, just don't be afraid of letting go of someone you love because you already knew that she loves you too (in some cases, they just don't want to let his girl go because he already knew that he is not love by his girlfriend.)

If you never let go of someone you love, it only means that you are not loving that someone the way everybody want to be loved, and that is to be loved and to be trusted. We all just know what love is all about, but what about trust? We often hear this words within our friends and our friends in faith.

Yes, trust have something to do with faith, and trust means you let go of something you have to another person to let him take care of it, or in love cases, you let go of someone you love, when you know you will never be there to take care for her, and let her take care of herself not knowing if the place would be ever be safe and comfortable for her.

If you truly love someone, there will always be a substance of trust on it. I might sound too careless, but that's what it is.

You just don't love somebody because you like it to be yours wherever you go, you just let them feel like your newly released branded cellphone and just show it off to the public like Hey, look what I've just got! You don't make a girl to be your girlfriend and then transform her to anything that you would want to do with her, you're just wasting your life above the surface.

Let's get it back to trust, where trust is the brother of faith. Trust is what you apply for something you have on another person, and faith is widely used in variety of religions and we all knew about that.

So if you ever have had to let go of someone, you've just gotta trust her wherever she wants to go even though you're not there, and you've just gotta have faith in God to be with her everywhere and every time you are not with her. God Bless!


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