Be a Great Person Just the Way You Are

Teachers often teach which they need to learn from themselves. I am no different. ~ Deborah Smith Pegues Honestly, I'm not yet a grea...

Teachers often teach which they need to learn from themselves. I am no different. ~ Deborah Smith Pegues

Honestly, I'm not yet a great person in any stretch of imagination but what I could tell you is that I'm progressing to where my vision is, and to what kind of person I want myself to be at the mere future. I wrote this blog first and foremost for myself and for those people that aspire to be a great person just the way they couldn't think about of what would it take (at least) to be a great person.

I will credit these words of wisdom to my professor in college, that he had laid out all the words, personalities that we should possess in order to be a great person. (I will not mention my professor's name but what I could always remember about him is that he was a co-author of one of the Republic Acts here in the Philippines, just to mention how great he was, and still he is.)

He mentioned that, in order to be a great person, you must...

Always look of what is Good in each person.
Not in any material or physical characteristics, but try to peek the goodness inside in every person that you meet. Even the meanest, most bitter, most wicked people living in this world possessed at least a bit of goodness if you can hit their soft spots.

Look of what is good, realize that it won't always gonna be pretty (not in any particular face that I'm saying) but in every incidents and instances you are about to face, look of what is good and if you ever don't seem to find anything good to those situations, you should read the following paragraphs.

Be Responsible to other people.
Not by giving them of what they want out from you, but to give them of what they just expect you to give, not in any obliging or guilt sense, but you should realize of how are you supposed to deal with them especially if that includes your love ones.

So if you have any love ones, you are supposed to love and care them at all costs, and not supposed to give any hard feelings that will make them feel hurt, but hard feelings and situations are part of the equation when you commit yourself into love, what you gonna do is to console each other and accept everything as it is, you should only give love and care and not to help them to pinpoint of what and why it is, and make a lot of excuses just to make them feel understood. Be responsible of the things you are supposedly dealing with your love ones, especially in terms of love, care, understanding, and acceptance (there's a little bit difference between understanding and acceptance, that's why I stated them differently. You can understand someone but you just can't accept them, and you can accept anyone but you don't even understand their situation.)

Evaluate yourself.
Not to look all the bad things that had happened in your life because it gotta have happened to make yourself realize of how you've done good or bad in the past, to realize that there are areas in your life that got to have fix as early as you want to make it possible.

Evaluate your good, if you want things to be consistently good, make sure of yourself that you ain't going to be a smug in every little sense. As they say, you are what you are doing consistently and two of the factors that you are a great person is that you are content and not complacent. Evaluate your bad, one great person said Don't be ashamed of the struggles. It is the struggle that counts. Being disappointed is understandable but being discouraged is not an option you would want to take because later on in your life, when you look back to the things you get discouraged at, you will realize that you've just take away the chances of what is good ahead to that direction.

Evaluating it all in all, you have to figure out of how much time you steal for yourself just to live your life for fun. But the truth is, you are not happy enough to feel that joy inside. I think joy can be measured by how much it worth, as Vince Lombardi said that we have to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile. Evaluate yourself if you are doing things that is worth enough to do so.

If you can't change facts, try bending your Attitudes.
You don't have to feel totally different on how your initial attitude reacts on the point of reaction. As I have stated earlier, things won't always gonna be pretty. Things won't always go the way you want it to happen, but it doesn't mean that we have to go the other way just to follow where things happen pretty good as of late. I think good thing starts within yourself, and not when you do perceive it.

It starts within the state of your mind, if you want good things to happen, you just have to imagine it first inside then afterwards look it out in the outside. Look with wonder in your eyes open, even if things don't change in an instant because later on in your life, if you do it with consistency, you will see the good things that you are looking for.

Be Thankful of what you have.
Sometimes we are being grateful to God only when big things and surprises are happening the way we couldn't expect to have happened. When things are going smooth on the way you want things to happen and when you have your Answered Prayer in your hands. After that, we tend to forget to thank God on every single day that He gave us just to live the life where we are right now.

Every single day is a Present to what you call Life. There will be good days and bad days but in the bigger picture in life, you can see that everyday is a present we have to be thankful for. You can't have too many good days because you have to go through bad days and experience bad things then reflect.

But you can have too many bad days if you don't even reflect of how bad your yesterday was. Count your blessings, not what you are missing. There will always be a good side and a bad side, and what you need to do is to focus yourself in the good side of life (not in any earthly manner) and be thankful because you have such reasons to thank for.

In short terms,

G - Good
R - Responsible
E - Evaluate
A - Attitude
T - Thankful

Believe me when I tell you, Great things happen to great people.
Be a great person just the way you are means that you don't need to walk the same path where a particular great person walked his way to his greatness.

You don't have to alter the way you are living your life just to be great, you just have to realize those five things and be reminded that everyone can be great because anybody can serve. When you follow the Law of Nature, you follow the Law of God. God Bless!


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