How to Watch NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL Games Online in the Philippines

Tired of searching on how and where to watch live NFL Games through the use of internet? Watching your favorite football team even if you ar...

Tired of searching on how and where to watch live NFL Games through the use of internet? Watching your favorite football team even if you are outside the country of United States of America.

Actually, I'm an Oakland Raiders-fan from the Philippines and watching each Raiders Scheduled game simultaneously to the live game is such a privilege for an avid fan like me. So, I will not hang your crave up just to watch your favorite football team live in action.

How to watch live NFL games simultaneously

Okay, I will cite some specifications regarding to actual football schedule so that you can watch it simultaneously to what is happening in the live football game. So, in order to watch live National Football League Games, you have to;

1) Know the timezone of your country as well as the timezone of the scheduled football game. See Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator and manually put the specifications of your country's timezone and the actual game's timezone. Timezone are usually in the form of a 3 letter combination (but in other timezone, they have 5 letter combinations.) Like, PHT - Philippine Time (this time zone offset is used all year in Philippine Timezone) unlike PST - Pacific Standard Time (this time zone offset is used during winter in the Los Angeles Timezone.)

Example: when you are at the actual link of Time Difference Calculator, specify each time and place to convert from; Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minutes, Your Location and Football Game Location. And if you don't have an idea of what is the actual location of that football game, you have an option to click on Time Zones located on the right side of Other Locations then right after, search for the exact timezone for that football game, Select it and click Convert Time.

2) Know the difference between two time zones. By then, after you click the Convert Time you can actually see the UTC offset between the two time zones like UTC +8 hours and UTC -8 hours. But sometimes, in other Time Zone Calculator, you can see it as GMT +08:00 and GMT -08:00 but still they have the same meaning of what it is.

Example: at the time you just know of what are the UTC offsets of the two time zones, you can just count the difference between them, beginning with -8 or -08:00 up to +8 or +08:00. And it goes like this and it starts with, -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8. It must up to +8, to know their difference, simple mathematics. Then you count those difference, and we just count 16. So, the difference between both time zones as we count is 16 hours. Obviously, the higher time and date is determined with the plus (+) and the lower date has minus (-). And if ever you have to minus time zones to convert, like -7 and -2, the higher time and date is -2, and the difference between -7 and -2 is 5 hours.

Actual example for Fellow Filipinos,

So, obviously we are at the Philippines so we must use, Philippine Time (PHT) as our actual location to date, and since I'm an Oakland Raiders-fan, I have to go their site, and see their schedule. The scheduled game for the Oakland Raiders this week is that they will go to face Miami Dolphins @ Sun Life Stadium (Miami Dolphins' Home Stadium) in Sunday, December 4 at 10:00 AM PST. So, i will go to Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator site to know the difference between PHT and PST. And it has a difference of 16 hours per se. And since PHT is more advanced time as to what PST was, I have to take PHT as the higher time and date. So, what I have to do is to add 16 hours to the PST to make it PHT, then in actual football game schedule as I've said above, Sunday-December 4 at 10:00 AM PST (add 16 hours to know the actual time for the Philippines and that is) Monday-December 5 at 02:00 AM PHT. So, I have to watch on Monday, December 5 at 02:00 AM since I'm in the Philippines. Actually, I go over the net 1 hour before the actual game so that I won't miss any play for that game, and see what is happening around the league if the Raiders game is just about to begin.

3) You have to wait and focus your mind to the schedule because you have to put it in your mind (if you are an avid fan like me.) Then watch to it and make sure you cherish every single play!

I have to put it into my mind and focus myself to the schedule because it was about midnight-early morning schedule if you are watching here in the Philippines. I have to sleep early in the afternoon and alarm myself at midnight to awaken myself that I have to watch Oakland Raiders Football. It was hard for me because I have to go for school in the morning but still it has been worthwhile just to watch Raider Football.

Where to watch live NFL games simultaneously

I'm watching National Football Games in this sites:

Ilemi - Here you can watch football, Myp2p, basketball, hockey, nfl, nba, rugby and all other sports live streams for free. or UNSPORTS.ME brings to you live sports on your PC for free. Live football , Live MLB and NBA. Just for free tv on your pc. - Watch live video and chat with friends. Create your own live broadcast channel.

I put here because they broadcast a high quality live stream and smooth flow of streaming. I recognized their streams inside FirstRow because FirstRow has a lot of connections and links to other streaming sites.

Wiziwig - Brings to you live sports on your PC for free. Live football , Live MLB and NBA. Just for free tv on your pc.

I noticed this site when at the time where I have to go find another livestreaming site other than FirstRow (because they banned our country from watching there.) If you click the link Wiziwig and intended to watch live NFL Games, scan the Wiziwig site and click NFL + CFL + AFL thread and click the thread that contains [Streaming] and there you can watch confirmed streams that the sites offer to you.

MyP2P - is one of the best guides for all your Live Sports. Visit MYP2P to watch almost every sport live and free on your pc.

Last but not the least, this is my alternative for FirstRow, this is where I'm currently watching Live American Football Games without scratching my head for once. It's so nice to find another great sport livestreaming site like this, I'm just hoping that they would not hinder my desire to watch Live American Football games soon.

God Bless!


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