How to Create a Character for Yourself

Have you ever tried to create a character out of yourself so that you know what and who you really are inside out. That you want to be recog...

Have you ever tried to create a character out of yourself so that you know what and who you really are inside out. That you want to be recognized for possessing that type of mentality that you have and a character that always fit your personality through identification and verification of your friends in you.

Characters and types of personalities with regard to respecting yourself and not to impress someone who can recognize it in you. And if you ever have had qualities you want to maintain or be consistent at, you should think that you could be labeled as that guy primarily to what you just acted towards the initial reaction to the situation and not being shrewd about what you're supposed to play in terms of characteristics you have in your bag full of emotions.

I'm just saying that you should act accordingly to your personality and it should be based on your experience less the negative characteristics that you possessed. I will not mold you in any perfect mold you could imagine, you are the only one who can shape yourself up. I guess each one of us should shape our inside and outside world before it shapes us.

Now, I want you to think about the characteristics that you want to be known for. You have to scan yourself out if you haven't recognized any positive attitudes for yourself and point out some characteristics that you want to improve so that you can suit that personality consistently.

The best way to create a character for yourself is to put your first name vertically and make it as an acronym for the initials of your wanted personality for yourself. Taking your name as an acronym for your characteristics is the most effective way of having particular characteristics because,

1) You carry your own name. You can only remember by your own name and the way you act accordingly to your characteristics that your personality has.

2) You will never forget your name unless you suffer an amnesia.

3) You know yourself. You even ask your parents on how they got those kind of words to make it your name. So you should have quite of an idea of what you are and what they expected out of you in terms of characteristics you might possess for yourself and for your name.

You can even use your whole name if you can remember all the characteristics that you could put on it. For the meantime, I only put my very first name as an acronym for the characteristics I possess and for the qualities I need to have for myself.

For example, I take my first name, J-O-S-E-P-H, into these words;

J - Just

O - Offbeat

S - Self-less

E - Efficient

P - Punctual

H - Humble

Now that you have just layout some keywords for your personality, you have to verify in yourself that you are that kind of person and if you really want to have that kind of personality for yourself.

How to get the right words for the characteristics you just picked for yourself.

Just - (for being open-minded about the things that are happening and I don't want to be bias, for not listening to the critics especially if the reality really bites into the occasion. Not that I want to impress those type of critics or to look so good for everyone in order to not receive any form of criticism, I just wanted to know if I have something to improve or to be better at, and I know that there will always be a room for improving and kudos for the critics for helping me to cite some that seems to obvious for me. Bad for them if they elaborated some and make it exaggerated for others who can't understand, which could make me looked bad in both sides.)

I pick Just because I don't have any letter R in my name for the word Realize. So I have to put some words that are synonymous enough to that word.

Offbeat - (for having a style or mentality that is far from the usual. When maturity takes place, not only in the physical aspect or stage, which is natural part of a human life, but in every experience that I've encountered that shaped the way of who I am right now.)

I pick Offbeat because being Open-minded is in the scope of being Just. You don't have to be redundant to be consistent on a particular personality and stuff. Take chances for every other personalities you could possess so that you can bring out the best in you.

Self-less - (for giving all that I can give as well as being concerned for anyone who are in need. Helping to bring the best out of someone's life even if it was a risk for my time of self-developing. Adjusting on the way things that are happening not according to what I just planned for my foremost present and future, and take everything as it is, what, where, and when it is. Trying my best not to be a burden for anybody who takes me as I am.)

I pick Self-less, to make way for the Obedient word that should be in the O initial and since they possess arguably the best description pertaining both of each words, I consider Self-less for my personality. Guess what, there's a time when I'm thinking about me being Self-less, an incident struck and test me if I really possessed such selfless personality. First, I take a look on the disposition of my emotion if I will stand firm and take the burden of that principle and see where I am in that incident, if I'm supposed to do it or not. I'm not obliging myself to commit in such things I know that is somewhat different to what my heart feels, then at the same sense, I can determine of where I am on that incident with my particular personality. Back to that incident where they test me if I'm about to hold that personality, I just overcome that and give what they want out of my personality test and give the Self-less personality a point of improving.

Efficient - (for not using too much of the things I can just use to achieve a certain goal. For being innovative in the way I just use those kind of things effectively. For having that kind of ambition to achieve goals and for not using Insufficiency as an excuse.)

There's a time when I just realized in myself that I have more than enough compare to what others have where they lived a life to its fullest even if they have something that is enough for them to be happy with - a simple life. Then I just try myself out to what simple life is, trying to adjust and just being myself of what I am and what I wanted out of my life. And now, back to where I was before, I can see the difference and relive some of my experiences and make sure of myself that I'm not going to commit this kind of stuff again for my life and that is to whine about everything that happened not according to what I just wanted as a result or in any other sense like, on how things change/happen in an instant but to realize that everything happens for a reason. Back to E, I'd rather use the word Excellence for this initial but Efficient takes place as part of being Excellent on things done with Efficiency. Being Excellent means that you are effective but I'd rather be effective on things for being Efficient.

Punctual - (for not rushing in to buy a little bit of a time just to be where I should be at that particular point in time. When I have to realize that there is a time for everything and have that kind of mindset and discipline for a particular task I am assigned to. Where being punctual beats hard work in every little sense you could imagine.)

Actually, I'm not the punctual kind of a guy. I put this to my characteristics so that I can illustrate it to myself that I have to be punctual as always. In deeper sense, putting emotions on it and prioritize that I should possess this kind of personality for myself. And yes, for having this kind of personality brings a lot to the table for the great things ahead of me. Only two things can beat the Hard work personality, being Punctual and being so Kind and that's why I picked this kind of word for letter H.

Humble - (for keeping my feet on the ground by not getting too high with the high's and too low with the low's, for appreciating things I'm currently having right now, and for having that kind of a reason why having faith in God makes every difference in my life. For being kind to everyone especially to my enemies, as the old saying said it simply the best, The enemy is best defeated who is defeated with kindness.)

I'd rather put Hard work or Helpful but my personality list won't be completed if it doesn't contain such Kindness or being Polite where every other characteristics must be connected and should have a foundation of those characteristics. So, I put the Humility or being humble when it sounds so sweet on being kind and having that kind of acceptance of how things go accordingly to the divine plan that God has planned for our lives.

So there you have it, a complete example on how to put such keywords for your personality and please be reminded as always that you have to be consistent on the things you want to be accountable for.

And after you confirmed all the qualities for your personality, say to yourself, say it to your sub-conscious mind that I declare victorious for the things I need to achieve for myself and more!

God Bless us all!


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