Worries Do Not Solve Problems

We all got the situation in a way that we couldn't help the feeling that we have to worry in a particular thing that should have been wo...

We all got the situation in a way that we couldn't help the feeling that we have to worry in a particular thing that should have been worrying about for that second because it really affects the way we are thinking or doing or in a minor way, breathing for what has been done wrong about the things you couldn't expect it to happen.

Things and thoughts are suggested to your mind that you should blame or damn the person who had done of what is wrong from your perspective, just to make it more easily understood for the other people who want the primary answers but not the exact answers of why things happened. Removing worries is no easy task for the person who looks from outside in and not for the person who always look from inside out.

Okay, worries came from your media, in any conceivable means, that made you worry such thing because you let it resonate in you and think of what has been worriable? (stuff like that.) Only means, that you are the only one who can make yourself worry about a thing or two? I guess.

Worries do not solve problems? Really? Have you been successful with this method? Wherein you have to worry about such a thing that really crank your emotions into a worry zone (as I like to say it), where you have your own dimension of thinking of why and what the #3(( happened of why this $#!+ happens.

Okay in worry zone, in the war zone of thoughts, feeling numb because you already know how to feel if such cases happen, and in this case it really did then you can see your self evaluating of what and who had done something wrong, then you can see yourself focusing of what this person had done wrong in that situation where you can see yourself hurting this person just to release that bad taste in your mouth that he deserve such affliction to complement on how much worry that guy bring into the occasion.

Okay, let us say you hurt that person as much as you could but, you know in yourself that you still have that bad feeling and have that unfinished business to that person because you cannot even forgive the way he put that worry, that bad feeling to your mindflow? (stuff like that.) Thus, you cannot even put a mark to its ending or as I say, you ain't even intend to solve the problem either, because you just want to let him know how bad you feel for the situation then you will know that you're making a fool out of yourself.

I guess, when you do or think about something with feelings and emotions, you will get more of that! Think about that one, when you do and think worry about whatsoever, you will get more of that from that way and any kind of way, think about that.

So when you feel bad about something that you do, the consequence might get worse because you do more of what you feel and the only thing that you could feel should be bad. Shoot, I used the word should because when you feel bad about the situation, then you should feel bad nonetheless on how it can make you feel good about doing that bad stuff, you should feel bad right there from the start.

No matter how sadistic you have been from now thereon, you will realize that you attract those kind of things because of that emotion and feeling you used to resonate at the time you feel in and to fill in.

When you only think that you can't get away the way your behavior has piled up (where you think, that is what you are) well, the truth is that is what you were. Okay, when you worry about that thing happened in the past, you know you have that feeling what if she doesn't feel the way I feel about that, then you crash down your emotions and worry without realizing, that is what you were.

Worries might have been persistent and irresistible and you couldn't help yourself but to worry, well think again, you can snap that worry out in one second if you have that overall control over your thoughts and emotions, because you can get more of that as what I've stated for your precautions. Think twice about what your thoughts are, what you have to think about, or what you are thinking in that particular point and time, because basically, as in basic, you will get more of what you think about.

I like the healthy worries, the good issues, where you worry about I hope that I can get the highest scores in this exam for keeping faith, not to do something silly when you can't get the thing you always wanted, drop-dead realizing your regrets in your deathbed.

Nothing in particular, you know about how things happened but one thing you already know and keep thinking about is, you expected some things through worry, and in that way you attract things from your mind thought that's why I let you take a note about thinking twice in any undertakings you will face.

Think about it, and take the good look about it, not in any physical standpoint but in a sense that you have to see the good in every situation because everything happens for a reason. Think about that one, resonate yourself in a manner that you think yourself being the Mr. Brightside, nothing else can do it for you, nothing can only be better when you see the good things behind that particular thing. Please take note, worries do not solve problems!

(you can bookmark or share it too!) I'd like to say, see you in the flip-side of things and when you get there, you can see yourself resonated from inside out. God Bless!


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