You Earn What You Get, You Get What You Earn

Have you ever earned something that you would want to get before you feel that almost surreal of what you sow, that you didn't expect it...

Have you ever earned something that you would want to get before you feel that almost surreal of what you sow, that you didn't expect it to be that much but still thankful for meeting the expectations, you didn't intend to exceed. Reminiscing the hardships and struggles you have gone through, makes you realize that it is all part of the plan to be where you should be at that particular point and time.

You earn what you get. In any particular job, you get paid not what you did know but on how to and what to do based on what you know and that comes to work. You get paid of what you bring to the table and what the company has expected from you in terms of potential and awards you've shown off since you start earning for what you know you get for yourself.

If you think that you have to earn much of what you worth, thus your earnings will make or break such fulfillment if you have all your eyes on doing of what is worth for you to have, in a sense that you match your self-worth in everything you do. But if you think you can earn at least of how much do you wanna get, then you should be content on how much is enough that will make yourself fulfill of what is due to you.

You get what you earn. We will make it in a sense like, the rich getting richer not because they are greed to get more of what they want, but in a way that they should get of what belongs to them. They aim not to spend of what they earn but to get the best out of what they earn for themselves.

Change scenario, let us say, you make yourself worth a thing or two but you ain't even have an idea to get of what is due to you, meaning you didn't exert much of an effort to earn it and to credit of what you are accountable of. Earn it, thus claiming it in a sense that you should get it in a definite point and time, at the time you expect to get of what is due to you.

In a material world, we take advantage of what privileges that have been granted for us by some other people who have that much of a care just to secure of what future holds. Unless we realize that, life is what we make it, we endure everything that has been granted to us just to make it a life worth on how much work we put on to it just to make and feel that it is our own lives to live. God Bless!


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